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Crate a dog is wrong is WRONG?

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If you use it right, it's great!!! If you use it to cage the dog in jail for a very long time. It's bad. If you train your dog to sleep in the crate because it is necessary for your life style and family, it's awesome! Generally, dogs are den animals, naturally preferring to sleep in enclosed spaces. It is the owner's job to introduce their dog the crate properly and allow it to realize it is its den. If a baby wants to climb out of his cot and wonder around in the middle of the night, the loving parents will accompany the child and teach him to sleep in the cote until morning. The idea is the same. Happy Training.

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  1. Pernilla Bengtsson

    November 14, 2017 at 8:03 pm

    If u cant go up when your dog needs to go (also a puppy) out or bescose of the sounds then its just beeing Lazy :O dogs Will sound and IF a dog need to puke they Will do it in The crate. Thats not something they can hold in and IF they do it on the carpit so what? Clean it up? IF its about the toys then consider to Clean that up? Make some room for the dogs they are also your family.. Having dogs takes Hard work and having a crate to solve the peeing the biting och puking feels like a escape and easy fix..

    • Crate training can be extremely hard for some people or dogs especially if you want do it right. I like how you like to keep the dog happy at all cost. I am sure some people who crate their dogs love their dogs as much as you do or even more, just because they chose to crate train their dog does not mean they are less than you or lazy. People who crate their dogs does not mean they do not get up and let the dogs out to use the toilet when the dog whines. I ‘DO’. Just because they have other family member’s concern in mind so they crate train their dog doesn’t mean they are less of a dog owner than you. So what? I am not sure, but not everyone can afford things you can afford including time. Time is a big issue. If you can keep an eye on your dogs almost all the time, then no, crate is not necessary. I am not sure if you find each year 100,000 to 300,000 children dog bites on owner’s children age under 10 is a easy fix for you for those who went through the experience. Crate may not be the fix for all but it is one of the a ways to make sure the dogs are not doing what it is not supposed to do when the owners (those who not as fortunately as you) do not have the time to keep an eye on the dog. I don’t think crate training is for everyone. But if it is needed it is a good thing if done right.

  2. What age do you recommend crate training, I have a 2 month old Golden Retriever and i plan to use crate for discipline.

    • Abhinov P the very first day and be patient and consistent to help the puppy learn. I have some training videos in my channel may help, thanks

  3. blarghnofreenames

    May 31, 2018 at 2:32 am

    they look like they could do with some more bedding one didnt even have a blanket in there by the look of it

  4. Hi! My dog doesn’t want to go in the crate, we give her treats and that’s how she goes in. What am I doing wrong ? Plus once in the crate she barks and one time she peed in the crate. She is a mix terrier 50lbs, she is a rescue dog. We got her last Saturday.

    • Give her treats, toys and any thing it likes to lure her in and stay in the crate is correct. Give her lots of exercise to wear her energy down and allow her to toilet before crate training.

  5. My dod didn’t want to leave the door when I open the crate. He just stared at me for a longest time. He seems like he only go out if he wanted too, not listen to what I say. What can I do? Thanks

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